Associated Dentists opened in May of 1973 with nine founding doctors. Today, group dental practices are commonplace, but in 1973 they were an innovation. Associated Dentists was an innovation borne out of friendship. The doctors used to meet over lunch on Fridays, and as their friendship grew so did their vision that they could better serve the community as a group. They expanded their friendship to include their patients. Collectively, they became one of the first "dental practices" in the country.

In keeping with that dedication to innovation, Associated Dentists became one of the first dental practices to introduce computerized scheduling. Today, we continue to lead with digital X-rays, electronic charts, our CAESY patient education series and state-of-the-art sterilization system.

Now we're taking the next step - remodeling and modernizing our facilities to make you even more comfortable. Check out our renovation page, where you can get all the latest updates about our progress and see what our new facility will look like when our renovation is completed in spring of 2010.

Associated Dentists is a full-service dental care provider with specialties in cos­metic dentistry and expert treatment of gum disease, among others. Our family-friendly environment allows us to serve all friends and patients, aged 2 to 102.

We'd enjoy the opportunity to meet you and call you one of our friends. Give us a call or stop by to schedule an appointment.